Read on to know how the curriculum helps pupils

CBSE Curriculum plays a vital role in making lot of talented and disciplined students who can win in most of the competitive exams successfully. A lot of importance is given to games and sports with activity oriented learning. We give ample importance for children to excel in cultural and academic competitions which benefit them to a great extent.

Nursery children are nudged gently to go further on their development ladder with the guidance of their teachers in an enticing environment. They are also thematically introduced to new concepts with appropriate teaching and learning methods carefully mapped and woven into suitable activities. Our Faculty help the little ones progress towards holistic development.

The parents are also empowered with enriching programs to facilities their little ones’ development. Our curriculum combines best methodologies. It gives scope to every child to create, discover, interact and become self-confident as they master various skills. This curriculum encompasses age-appropriate learning activities in a vibrant learning environment, thereby cultivating. Unique programs for students of all ages, centered on development, help them to become all-round students who are healthy physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.